Water Damage

Water damage can occur at any given time in a variety of ways. All at once from a broken pipe or very slowly over time due to an old or faulty valve, from your roof by way of dated or inferior roofing material or improper installation, or by an overflow of the bathtub or toilet.  Just an inch of standing water can cause costly damage to your home. Water can pose a number of problems if not addressed properly in a timely manner, in most cases the structure can be dried out and saved but the problem doesn’t end there.  Drywall will dry and maintain its integrity if it is dried properly and promptly, plaster most certainly will not and will begin to crack and drop. This creates not only an aesthetic issue but the danger of physical harm as well, yet that isn’t the major cause for concern either. Any house built before 1978 has lead based paints and all plaster covered walls are pre 1978.  So the risk for lead contamination is greater as the plaster starts to fall. MOLD is also one of the biggest risks when dealing with water! Mold begins to grow within 24 hours of being introduced to an environment and can multiply exponentially if not remedied immediately! Most insurance policies have only minimal provisions for mold growth and in some instances, the insurance company would require you to pay a second deductible in order to obtain those funds in addition to the funds for the “water loss” claim. The vast majority of homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover FLOOD damage, this too is a separate policy, claim and likely deductible also.

The type of restoration you will need to pursue is determined by the type of water that is affecting your home. CLEAN WATER comes from a burst pipe. While it is clean water, it still poses the threat of damage to your home and/or possessions through moisture and mold along with health risks as well. The threat of mold is ever present but when dealing with BLACK WATER or GREY WATER the danger is amplified… BLACK WATER is highly unsanitary because it comes from raw sewage, GREY WATER is hazardous because it contains microbial contaminants found in places such as toilets, wash machines and dishwasher’s. These are a few on a long list, there are many other hazards that comes from water and its related damage.

There is an alarming trend sweeping the insurance industry…  Insurers are cutting down the amount of coverage for homeowners, policies are becoming insufficient. Instead of a protective blanket, policies have become more like a fish net. FACT: in most of the country, a basic homeowner’s policy covers only fire and theft. In the event of a “water loss”, an insurance company will go out of their way to prove or determine that the insured is/was at fault or negligent. There are documented cases of insurance companies showing up for the initial assessment with a forensic engineer in order to forego accepting a claim.

To rationally act responsibly and protect your home, property, or belongings from further damage, call your insurance company immediately to notify them of your claim. It is also recommended that you choose a qualified restoration specialist to ensure that not only the restoration, but the claim process is handled as is necessary in order to guarantee a safe and expedient return to your home or property.  Accent Construction and Remodeling LLC being IICRC certified has the expertise, proper training, and equipment to handle a water loss of any size promptly, safely and accurately the first time.

A few tips:

1)   Be proactive in the claim process.

2)  Think of your claim as a business negotiation. You are dealing with a FOR PROFIT company. Therefore you are not on a level playing field when dealing with an insurance claim.

3)  Give your insurance company a chance to do the right thing, but don’t mistake a friendly claims adjuster for a friend!

4)  Seek out a fair and accurate assessment of the damage. Hiring a contractor that has that intention in mind is your right!  Allowing the insurance company to determine the extent of the damage and deciding who should fix the damage is NOT recommended!  That is your DECISION TO MAKE, NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY.

5)  If you have questions, concerns, or just need answers, call Accent Construction and Remodeling LLC.  We are very knowledgeable and experienced in all claim scenarios.