About Us

Accent Construction and Remodeling LLC, specializes in insurance restoration which includes water, fire, windstorm, and flood, with the construction knowledge and experience to repair damaged property to “better than previous” condition, on schedule and within the guidelines of your policy’s coverage. We also offer 24 hour board–up and mitigation services to help further minimize damage to your property.

Accent Construction and Remodeling LLC BBB Business Review

Established in 1984, Accent Construction and Remodeling, LLC started out as Accent Remodeling Company owned and operated by Arigious Papavalious (Art).  Art, wanting to make a difference in the construction industry, started out doing City of Milwaukee jobs quickly becoming one of the best and most preferred contractors for the city.  Wanting to grow his business, he started doing fire and water restoration.  After many years in the restoration business and continually growing, Accent Remodeling Co., took on Dean Rossey, Jr and Robert (Bobby) Peardon as employees, who then, after working their way up, became partners with Art.

In January 2009, Accent Construction and Remodeling, LLC was born, out of Accent Remodeling Company.  Accent quickly established itself as one of the leaders in the industry.  Our motto is “Quite Simply, the Customer Comes First.”  We do what needs to be done the first time, the right way, when most other bigger company’s won’t because of their major profit margin.  Accent, being a smaller company with a lower overhead can afford to do it the right way without cutting corners.

accent24hrIn December 2010, Art was ready to slow down and decided to sell to Dean and Bobby.  In January of 2011, Accent Construction and Remodeling LLC, lost their senior partner but kept his services as a senior consultant. Since then, Dean and Bobby have continued on their path of building this company to be the best contractor out there.

Dean Rossey, Jr is a third generation contractor, with a very wide knowledge in all areas of construction.  Having over 16 years of experience in construction and carpentry, with over 9 years in construction management, and as company owner.  Dean is the estimator for Accent Construction and Remodeling, as well as working on all jobs.

Robert Peardon is a concrete finisher by trade, working for the union for over 16 years. Bobby quickly worked his way to Foreman and project manager on multi-million dollar projects building mausoleums, city halls, river walks, etc.  Bobby is the emergency service coordinator and sales consultant for Accent, as well as working on all jobs.


Quite Simply, the Customer Comes First.”