Wind Damage


There are two types of wind damage. Damage caused by wind itself and damage caused by a tornado. While wind doesn’t always reach high enough speeds to cause damage there are instances when wind alone can knock down trees into your yard, a fence, or your home. A tree knocked down by wind into an […]

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Water Damage


Water damage can occur at any given time in a variety of ways. All at once from a broken pipe or very slowly over time due to an old or faulty valve, from your roof by way of dated or inferior roofing material or improper installation, or by an overflow of the bathtub or toilet.  […]

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Fire Damage


A house fire is reported in the U.S. every 30 seconds…. This is an average of 1.9 million fires reported each year. In the time it will take you to read this section, an estimated 3-4 structure fires will have been reported somewhere in the  United States. In just 30 seconds, a small fire can […]

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